Punk Rock Music

The spits is a website where you can find information related to Punk music. The spits provides information about Punk music bands. Punk rock is known as a genre from rock music, which was developed in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia between the years 1974 and 1976. Back in the days Punk rock was used to describe the garage rockbands during the 1960s.

Punk music bands are known for creating hard edge and fast music with stripped down instrumentation. The typical instrumentation of punk rock includes the following: An electric bass, drum kit, vocals and one or two electric guitars. Punk music vocals are sometimes nasal and the lyrics are shouted instead of sung. They usually created short songs with anti establishment and political lyrics. Punk music lyrics are usually confrontational, compared to the lyrics of other music genres. Anti establishment is define as the belief or view of the opposition of political, conventional social or the economic principles of a society. This term is usually used for describing artistic rather than the political movements. This music genre associates the DIY ethic, which most bands they self produced their recordings and distributed their music through informal channels. The spits informative web page informs all individuals regarding the Punk industry.

The "Do it yourself ethic" or DIY refers to be self reliant for the completion of , without having help from someone who is more experienced or able to complete the tasks for you. It promotes the ideology that an individual is able to learn more than she or he thought was possible. DIY is tied to the Punk ideology. Here, at The spits you are able to gather information of the Punk culture.

The spits provides information on the music genre of Punk. In the United States the origins of Punk rock can be traced back to the 1950s. The Kingsmen was one of the first garage bands in the United States. They were from Portland, Oregon. David Marsh is an American author, editor and music critic, which was the first to employ the term Punk rock.

The first wave of Punk rock was to be aggressively modern. This first wave was distance from the sentimentality of the early 1970s rock. The second wave of Punk rock had appeared in 1977. In this wave the movement of punk rock was effectively in the three countries where this genre had started and also in other parts of the world. While then in the United States, Australia and other parts of the world punk rock had remained as an underground phenomenon except in the United Kingdom where it became a major sensation. The spits more topics about the Punk genre, keep reading.

The Spits is a punk rock music band from Seattle, United States. This band has released four albums. This band focuses on providing the best punk music with their noisy, loud and dirty punk rock. The group describes themselves as "Punk for the people". Here, at thespits.com you will find useful info on Punk Rock.